🇬🇧 Mr. Charles英國老師 : 小學 + 初中英語會話增益課程 (包括辯論訓練)

來自英國倫敦的Charles老師 : ✅ 在香港有8+年英語教授專業資格,帶領過學生們考進享負盛名的香港本地名校及國際學校。 ✅ 通過生動有趣的方式讓學生投入課堂,害怕講英文的學生都變得不害怕。 ✅ 積極為每個學生的語法、發音及句字結構作出回應及教導。



What you'll learn

  • 培訓出頂級英語對答能力 建立自信

  • 閱讀篇章 識別詞彙意思

  • 分析篇章並總結關鍵觀點

  • 從題目中展述自己觀點 , 構建脈絡

  • 明白文法如何正確使用

Please choose the student level

Curriculum (GMT+8)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

Charles 英國老師【英語會話精讀課程】

(P1- P2) 劍橋英語班 (Starters)
試堂 : $150 (45mins) ; 試堂後 : 每期$600 (4堂收費)
每班 平均3至4個學生 ; 最多 5 人

P3 - P6
試堂 : $120 (45mins) ; 試堂後 : 每期$480 (4堂收費)
每班 平均3至6個學生 ; 最多 8 人

試堂 : $180 (60mins) ; 試堂後 : 每期$1080 (6堂收費)
每班 平均3至5個學生 ; 最多 6 人

【現在課程優惠期】(只限新生 : 在試堂前 , 新生首次報一整期)

(P1- P2) 劍橋英語班 (Starters) 4堂 $600,額外送多1堂
(P3 - P6年級) 4堂 $480,額外送多1堂
(S1年級) 6堂 $1080,額外送多1堂


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  • 學生必須在香港讀小學1年級至6年級

  • 或學生準備升中


  • 想訓練會話及閱讀文章的能力

  • 改進提升文法同増加詞彙使用

  • 想加強小朋友信心講英文

  • 想移民英國學定口音


An effective speaking course for children to practice their English speaking in a way they actually enjoy. Speaking confidence and practice in a fun and exciting format for Primary school (P1- P6) and Kindergarten (K3) students. Classes split by age group.

We have developed a course with fun activities and interesting topics that will get students speaking confidently in English and build their vocabulary at the same time.

The key to learning and speaking confidence is for students to be interested in a topic, understand that topic and enjoy themselves.

Each class will be 45 minutes max of 6 -8 students based on a theme.

Please check the introduction video and click " I want to know more" if you have any questions.

If you're interested in this course, please click the button below.

Student Feedback

Kiwi Cheng

Thanks for the comment, Mr. Beddow. Kiwi enjoys the lessons. Thanks for helping her to develop her confidence.

Alvin Chang

Same as Kara, Alvin also like to attend Charles’s lesson and he is looking forward to improve his english.

Kara Chang

Kara loves the attend Charles’s lesson and hope she will get improve very soon😊

Gordon Lau

thank you so much

Katrina Chung

Thank you Mr. Charles

Hazel Wong

Thanks Mr Charles. She is weak on application of vocabulary. Although she got high marks on her dictation in school, she cannot use those vocabularies and weak on writing as well. How can I help her to improve her weaknesses ?

Kris Poon

I love today's lesson because I can learn many things


Thank you very much!

About the instructor

Charles Beddow

Hi, I am a certified professional English teacher and tutor from London, England, who has been living and working in Hong Kong for over 7 years. In that time I have taught over 1000 Hong Kongers of all ages and abilities in classes of 5 to 30 students. In addition, I have tutored at least 120 students ranging from 2 years old to adult. Most peo...

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