🇭🇰 Mr. Andrew 獲獎專題寫作家 🏆 (20+年教育經驗 🥰 ) : 英語進階閲讀理解及寫作 常規奪滿分課程

Building strength in reading comprehension; developing writing skills through close study of grammar and vocabulary used in a meaningful context.



What you'll learn

  • 訓練學生閱讀理解及分析文章能力

  • 推動學生掌握文章固中含義 如何回答問題中正確答案

  • 學習大量詞彙,豐富寫作文章深度,掌握正確句子結構建構能力

  • 每堂亦會有增強文法運用練習,令學生寫句子時,意思、句子結構、文法都100% 正確

  • 每課堂完結後,會提供筆記,及定時提供寫作功課。

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Curriculum (GMT+8)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

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Q: 課程有甚麽内容 ?

課堂專為 P1- P6 , S1 學生而設,每堂都會訓練學生閱讀理解及分析文章能力,推動學生掌握文章固中含義,從而知道如何回答問題中正確答案。另外,學生將會學習大量詞彙,豐富寫作文章深度,掌握正確句子結構建構能力。每堂亦會有增強文法運用練習,令學生寫句子時,意思、句子結構、文法都100% 正確。最後,每課堂完結後,會提供筆記,及定時提供寫作功課。

Q: 課程 1堂教1篇作文 ? 一個月 2堂寫作,2堂閱讀?

每期課程*大概分為*兩個課堂是關於閲讀理解及句子結構組織,另外兩個課堂是關於寫作技巧。老師相信透過正確教授相關文法、句子結構和詞彙,配以 *定時提供寫作功課* ,能夠有效鞏固學生寫文時所需要的正確文法、句子結構和詞彙,光只學每一種文體如何寫首段,中段及尾段是沒有用的。學生未鞏固及掌握是不能寫好一篇文章的。


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  • Students who take this course are required to have the level of competency to pass Primary Grade 1 - 6 English language competency exams


  • 學生必須在香港讀小學1年級至6年級

  • 或學生準備升中


This two-part course will train Primary 1-6 and S1 students, to firstly improve their reading comprehension skills, specifically training their ability to identify key themes, facts, and ideas in an examination passage or school study text. At the same time, the course will also actively help students to upgrade their writing skills, by drilling down into the essential use of grammar and vocabulary to convey meaning and nuance in texts studied.

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Student Feedback

Jason Kwok

great teaching



Tayce Wong

Thanks Mr Ness for your patient to teach Tayce. I also see her improvement, she is more have confidence to speaking English and listening. As her primary school have lot of homework, so I haven’t print the homework to her. I hope she have a fun in the class. And I will try to print homework in coming lunar new year holiday. Thank you so much! Alice Fung

David Gu

Thanks for teacher Andrew's comments on David's learning progress. Your suggestions to improve David's writing skills are well noted and we will remind him to complete the writing assignment after the class.

Sabrina Wong

感謝Teacher Andrew !我也感覺到Sabrina的進步🙏每一次她也很期待上Teacher Andrew的堂,希望她能在老師身上學到豐富嘅知識!非常感謝🙏🙏

Chan Sum Lui Leona

Thank the teacher for his careful guidance. My daughter likes going to the teacher’s classroom and will continue to study hard.

P3: Franklin Chan

Thanks teacher Andrew for making the class fun and engaging. Franklin enjoyed your class very much!


Mr. Ness, if i upload my hw in pdf, do i use Microsoft word? I mean by writing my hw in word, Then make it into pdf then upload it?

About the instructor

Andrew Ness

I have spent several decades working in Hong Kong and mainland China in the English language teaching, research and consulting, editorial and corporate communications fields. In addition to holding a BA degree in English Literature from Columbia College I have also obtained a 120 hour Advanced TEFL Certificate and 30 hour TEFL certificates in Teach...