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Nikki Muller


Certified Native English Teacher
🔥 我們平台最受歡迎老師之一 🔥 ✅ 教學資格認證 | 多年英語教學經驗 👩🏼‍🏫 改善學生英語讀、寫、聽、說能力 🔥

Laura Hughes


TEFL Certified Native English Speaker
✅ 教學資格認證 | 標準英式英語 🇬🇧 專門IELTS、成人英語教學 💯

Emily M


CELTA-qualified Native English teacher
🇬🇧 標準英式英語導師 師資質素 100% 保證 🥰 完全配合你的英語學習需求 💯

Cassandra Bianchi


Native English Teacher
美式英語 🇺🇸 TOEFL考試 📝 提升英語能力 🔝

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HeSheLearn is a marketplace of live courses. Our audience include primary/secondary school students and adults. Students can learn languages, academic subjects and other skills, including English, Chinese, Mandarin and other languages, Mathematics, General Studies, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, etc.

Our platform focuses on learning with teachers in real-time interactive video meetings, which can immediately arouse students' interest in learning and greatly improve the efficiency of learning. Teachers will answer students' questions in real-time, and explain according to each student's level and needs. Students will feel satisfied and interested, which is not possible with other educational platforms that teach lessons in the form of recorded videos.

The advantage of online learning is that we can bring more quality tutors and courses to you at a more reasonable price, without being restricted by the physical distance and without paying high rents. Students don't have to spend time and energy in traffic jams. They will save time and effort and focus more on learning.

The video classes are conducted in our virtual classroom. The classroom also has various functions to enhance the interaction between teachers and students. Technology can enable them to communicate quickly. Students can learn more actively and improve the quality of learning.

Our Mission is to provide more accessible and affordable effective learning to everyone!

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