🇪🇺 Ms. Anto : Spanish for Beginners (西班牙語初級課程)

Spanish Vocabulary, Grammar, Games and Oral Practice



What you'll learn

  • Knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and will be able to have a basic conversation.

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The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

1) 由淺入深,學習西班牙語發音,詞彙,文法
2) 小組討論,增強學生說西班牙語的信心
3) 透過閲讀篇章,練習西班牙語句子結構
4) 每期後皆有進度評語

🔥 課程在 www.heshelearn.com 平台上的網上教室進行


  • Basic knowledge of English


  • Kids that want to learn a new language and have fun


Learn Spanish from zero.
Oriented for kids ages 6-9 with a basic knowledge of English to have a compared grammar or dictionary help when needed.
The aim of the course is to learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and basic Spanish conversations so your kids can use this knowledge at school or when travelling.

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Student Feedback

Marcus Chung

Miss Anto,I already asked Kyle focus and not to move the iPad. May I ask for your help? Would you please tell Kyle not to move during the lesson. Or if you think anything that Kyle is doing unwell, please just correct him directly. If any other question, please feel free to let me know, thanks so much.


Thanks for teaching!


My kids love Ms Anto's lessons very much. Thanks a lot


Fun class


Thank you very much for your efforts and support to my children.

Sabrina Wong

感謝Anto Teacher對Sabrina嘅欣賞!亦都比好多機會佢同其他同學仔多啲說話!Sabrina自己都覺得自己進步咗,所以佢好想感謝 Anto Teacher的教導!Thank you very much!!!

❤️‍🔥 Charlotte ❤️‍🔥

Interesting class. Ms Anto encourages kids to speak up. Thanks!

zoey / Moses

He is a teacher with special intentions. according to the children's preferences,

About the instructor


老師英文自我介紹 : Have fun and learn a language! what a great combination. I tailor my classes in order to achieve the students' goals while making them fun and entertaining. I work with different platforms and cover all the skills so together we can accomplish your personal objectives with a memorable experience. 🔥 我們HSL平台最受歡迎老師之一 🔥 📯 專長: 兒童英語 , ...

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