🇬🇧 Ms. Kiki : 獲獎寫作小說家 🏆 超過20年教授創意寫作及文學 ; P1 - P6 Primary Creative Writing and Speaking 英語課程

P1 - P6 : Creative Writing and Speaking Course


HK$160 per lesson

What you'll learn

  • Understand how to imagine and structure stories. Develop vocabulary. Improve grammar. Improve language in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

  • Know how to create interesting characters and develop settings and plots

  • Better use of language and therefore improved conversational skills.

  • Improved grammar.

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Curriculum (GMT+2)

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  • English language. Reading and writing.


  • For young learners age 6 to 12


This curriculum teaches young students how to develop their imagination by discussing and reimagining wonderful stories and then going on to create their very own stories. Students will learn about character and setting and plot wrapped up in a fun class where they will use building structures to develop their words, sentences and stories, qll helping towards building the students language ability.

Through a series of speaking and fun writing activities, games, stories, videos and imaginary play the student will learn to develop imagination and their reading and writing ability at the same time.

Each class can and will be adjusted to suit not only the students level, but works to reflect their interests, so as to inspire and motivate the learning journey.

The course will look at character developing, the importance of scene setting and narrative for story telling aimed at the age level of the student.

The fundamentals of writing and speaking are built one step at a time and will be delivered in the following way.

Fun, engaging games that increase vocabulary and improve spelling.

Puzzles and challenges that develop grammar and structure skills.

Inspiring prompts and story creation lessons that spark imagination.

Course resources will include pictures and storyboards for reimagining well known stories, templates for drawing up magical characters, storyboards, comic strips and visual aids that will teach and encourage the student to be creative, stretch their imagination and then write about what they find.

Children are natural story tellers and as a published motivational and fiction author and teacher, I am here to help students develop and tell their stories effectively. By using this creative writing foundation, the student will be motivated will gain a strong development in language and story telling abilities.

A fun course for young students to learn and enjoy.

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Student Feedback

Daniel Poon

Thank you for appreciation to Daniel. Thanks for encouragement from Ms Kiki. She is always nice to all the students.

Daniel Poon

Thank you for Ms Kiki’s teaching to me. She is always so helpful during the lesson. She guides step by step in writing. Her work is highly appreciated.

Hayden Wu


Daniel Poon

Ma Kiki showed her patience all the time to listen my speaking and thoughts though my English may not be fluent enough. She also encouraged me to express my ideas in order to improve English writing and speaking skills. I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to her here. Thank you.

Jayden CHAU (P5), Justin CHAU (P3)

Thank you Ms Kiki for your compliment to Justin and hope that he can learn more from you and have big improvements in his writing afterwards. Thank you very much!

About the instructor


Hi, I'm a qualified ESL teacher with 5 years experience in the UK, France and Spain and 20 Years experience of teaching creative subjects such as, Literature, Media Studies, Drama, Dance and singing in the UK. I am also a professional performance coach to recording artists and students of the arts. I have worked in theatre, film and concert for th...