🇪🇺 Ms. Anto : Spanish for Beginners (西班牙語初級課程)

Spanish Vocabulary, Grammar, Games and Oral Practice



What you'll learn

  • Knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and will be able to have a basic conversation.

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The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

1) 由淺入深,學習西班牙語發音,詞彙,文法
2) 小組討論,增強學生說西班牙語的信心
3) 透過閲讀篇章,練習西班牙語句子結構
4) 每期後皆有進度評語

🔥 課程在 www.heshelearn.com 平台上的網上教室進行


  • Basic knowledge of English


  • Kids that want to learn a new language and have fun


Learn Spanish from zero.
Oriented for kids ages 6-9 with a basic knowledge of English to have a compared grammar or dictionary help when needed.
The aim of the course is to learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and basic Spanish conversations so your kids can use this knowledge at school or when travelling.

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Student Reviews

Li Pak Yu Caspar


Ryder Chan


Fung Hei Ching Hailey

謝謝Miss Anto 細心的教導,帶領Hailey理解課堂內文及引導她說一些簡單會話及糾正她的發音。

Ian Tsang

Ian like the Anto teacher's class very much. He can learn some knowledge outside the classroom, which is very good. keep going

Bennett Cheung


Ivan Chan

Ms Anto, Thank you very much!

Kyle & Marcus Chung

Miss Anto,I already asked Kyle focus and not to move the iPad. May I ask for your help? Would you please tell Kyle not to move during the lesson. Or if you think anything that Kyle is doing unwell, please just correct him directly. If any other question, please feel free to let me know, thanks so much.

Aventator SVJ

Thanks for teaching!

About the instructor


💎為什麼學生應該選擇AntoTeacher作為老師?💎 🎮 我會根據學生的學習情況定制課程 ; 有需要時,也會用我的方法加强配合教授學生 🎮 孩子們會在這個過程中玩得開心 ; 學得上心 ! 🎮 課程中 , 會包括很多互動性練習及單對單會話練習,絕對有充份時間練習英語 🎖一對一課程有優惠嗎?🎖 一次性購買10堂一對一 : 5% off (95折) ❗️我的課堂❗️ 🏆 12歳或以上學生 (英語會話課堂) 👌 🏆 6 - 12歳 (英語會話、英語閱讀和英語語法課堂) 🚀 🏆 適合初學者、中級和高級級別的西班牙語課堂 🧗‍♂️我所有的課程都基於並使用牛津大學出版社和英國文化協會的材料。 ⛹️目標是通過遊戲、挑戰活動、圖片等來學習練習語法結構和詞彙。 🏞...

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