🇮🇪 Ms. Caitriona (提升英語流暢度 🔝 改善英語發音及文法 📈) P1 - P6 英語會話培訓班

Caitriona 愛爾蘭老師 5 + 年教育香港學生 + 國際學生經驗 家長一致好評 英語會話星級導師




What you'll learn

  • 教授*實用生字*,純正的英國口音及語法

  • 教授作句,然後學生構造及講故事,*提升想法反應,加強訓練對答會話能力*

  • *語法、發音及句字結構*作出回應及教導

  • 設有*閱讀文本*以提升學生的*閱讀能力和發音*

  • 每期課程完結後*會發送學生整體表現評語*

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Curriculum (GMT+8)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

Caitriona 老師的英語會話口音與詞彙課程

✨ HKD 440 (共4堂)
✨ 每堂 45分鐘
✨ 每堂 平均3至4個學生
✨ 適合:P1 - P6





✅ 上課方法
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  • 學生必須在香港讀小學1年級至6年級


  • 1年級至6年級學生


• Cambridge Young Learners English Test linked vocabulary syllabus
• Average 2-3 students in the class for very interactive learning
• Tap into children's curiosity by asking big questions related to school subjects
• Instant correction, interesting topics, fun activities guaranteed to make your child smile
• Taught by an experienced teacher who has taught +2000 online classes

An interactive course for children to practice their English in a safe, fun learning environment.

I have developed a course that helps children improve their fluency in English.

Speaking skills: The group lessons have one to three students to get plenty of opportunities to speak and share their ideas. Free speaking activities to help develop natural speech.

Reading skills: Short readings with comprehension questions check basic understanding, help children form their own voice, and become critical thinkers of English.

Grammar skills: Grammar is incorporated in many topics. Children will get to practice using grammar in natural conversation as well as gap-fill exercises.

Pronunciation: I drive native-like pronunciation of the English language as my first language is English.

Writing skills: at the end of some of the lessons, I get children to write some short sentences or a paragraph to practice what we have learned in class. Basic spelling and grammar are stressed.

My courses are based on the Cambridge University language program, which helps children progress from a "beginner level" or A1 to an "intermediate" B1 by working through the Cambridge University Press curriculum.

Previous Lesson Topics:
and much more...

I am from Ireland, but I've lived in the UK, the US, and Europe as an ESL teacher. I have also taught for the biggest online ESL schools in China. As I have experience teaching hundreds of students, I can easily and effectively adapt to students' needs.

Feedback and notes are given. I suggest you revise everything we learn in class before the next class.

I will help your children become confident English speakers who enjoy learning and working with others dynamically in a group environment!

Contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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Student Feedback



Ian and Jadienne

Thank you Miss Catriona for teaching Jadienne. I am glad to see Jadienne's happy face after your lesson each time.

Ian and Jadienne

Thank you Catriona for teaching Jadienne.

Elsa Yeung

Hi Catriona Teacher Elsa completed cambridge Movers course with full maks. We expected she will complete Flyers/KET Program. To improve her reading Comprehension and creative writing skill. May I know the course will focus on which skills? Thank you


Have fun learning

Sophia / Marcus

Thx so much for teaching me , i can learn a lot of things But one thing need to becareful is maybe i will not learn ever because now i am very busy because i need to go to school But if I am ok I will learn in the class and i want to learn something is a . thankyou you

Ruby Tse

Thanks for ur teaching. My daughter love ur lessons so much .❤️



About the instructor

Caitriona McTiernan

✌🏻✌🏻 請告訴我你的目標以及需求, 我會幫你打造出專屬你的學習計劃。 ✌🏻✌🏻 📚 可教課程類型及教學要點 - 日常英語會話 - 學術英語 - 中小學及應徵面試準備 - 必備商務英語 - 通用英語 - 旅遊英語 ✅ 老師教學宗旨 1 - 精心計劃和準備課程,旨在為學生提供最佳的教育體驗 2 - 用輕鬆愉快的教學模式,務求令學生愛上英語,不會對英語產生抗拒 3 - 不斷與學生用英語對答交流,找出問題所在,針對性改良學生英語水平,包括文法發音和詞彙訓練 ✅ 老師背景 1 - 愛爾蘭人,愛爾蘭口音 ( 傾向美式發音) 2 - 擁有愛爾蘭的一級國際貿易學士學位,在美國加洲進行了國際學習一年 3 - 擁有 ECDL Award ...