🇬🇧 Ms. Hannah 英國老師 : 專門教亞洲學生發音、兒童拼音教學 : Letters and Sounds Phonics Preparation Course

Phase 1-6


HK$110 per lesson

What you'll learn

  • Read and write English sounds

  • Segment and blend sounds for reading and writing

  • Read and spell tricky words

  • Read and write simple sentences with correct punctuation

  • Recognise and correctly use alternative vowel spellings

Please choose the student level

Curriculum (GMT)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

*試堂費用 HKD 110,*試堂過後, 按每堂 HKD 110 收取學費*

🔥 一期 HKD 660 (共6堂),*適合三歲至六歲學生報讀*
🔥 每堂 45 mins
🔥 每堂 平均 2 - 3 個學生
🔥 按phase (學生程度) 分班


Phase 1 (共6堂)
學 5 sets sounds (包括 s,a,t,p,l,m,n,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r,h,bh,b,f,ff,l,ll,ss)
+ Tricky Words ( The, to, no, go, I)

Phase 2: (共6堂)
學餘下的sounds (包括 j,v,w,x,Y,z,zz,qu,ch,sh,Th,ng,Ai,ee,igh,oa,Ai, ee,igh, oa)
+ Tricky Words ( he, she, we, Me, be, was, You, they, all, are, my, her)

Phase 3: (共6堂)
學 Complicated CVCC, CCVC words and 2-syllable words (包括Oo, ar, Or, ur, Ow, oi, Ear, air, Ure, er)
+ Tricky Words ( Said, have, Like, so, do, Some, come, Were, there, little, One, when, Out, what)

Phase 4: (共6堂) (前提已經學習了前三期的內容)
å­¸ Learning alternative spellings for vowel sounds (ay/ai/a-e)

Phase 5: (共6堂)
å­¸ Building reading and writing fluency

Phase 6: (共6堂)
å­¸ Interview Readiness (preparation)

⏰ 課堂時間

Phrase 1:
逢星期二 A: 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
逢星期二 B: 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm
逢星期五 B: 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
逢星期五 A: 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Phrase 4:
逢星期二 A: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
逢星期二 B: 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
逢星期五 A: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
逢星期五 B: 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm


  • No previous knowledge required


  • Primary School children aged 3-6


Letters and Sounds is the most commonly-used scheme to teach phonics in the United Kingdom. In this course, students will learn how to read and write all the sounds used in English. We will work on blending and segmenting sounds to read and write whole words and learn some tricky words that don't follow the regular phonics rules.

As students progress with their phonics skills, we will learn alternative vowel sound-spellings and work towards reading and writing fluency. We will also work on primary school interview techniques at the end of the course.

Students can choose to start at the beginning of the course to learn all the sounds. This is the most suitable option for beginners or children who know some sounds but do not read and write them fluently.

Students who have already studied phonics can join the course at Phase 4 to learn alternative spelling rules and work on their reading and writing fluency.

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Student Feedback

Aimee Yu and Alita Yu

Thanks you so much for Ms Hannah's teaching! My daughter is always so eager to have your class. You are so patient and kind! Your class is very interactive and interesting.

Katie Wong

Thanks very much for teaching Katie different countries name! She enjoyed the lesson.

Brandon Chan

I think Brandon doesn't pay attention in class and doesn't read sentences loud enough. I'll remind him in class tomorrow. Thank you for your patience to teach him.

Arianna Chow

Thank you teacher Hannah ! Ari seems making a really good progress :)

Katie Wong

Thanks very much Teacher Hannah. And thanks for explaining the sentence difference between UK and US. 😊

Arianna Chow

Wow! I love to hear that Ari did so well . Thank you teacher Hannah

Haley Yu

I would recommend to my friends to join the class for their kids.

Haley Yu

I saw good progression of my daughter. Thank you Ms hannah

About the instructor

Hannah Borrett

Hi, I'm Teacher Hannah, an English teacher from the United Kingdom. I am a fully licensed teacher and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from London Southbank University. I am also a qualified ESL teacher and achieved the Teach English as a Foreign Language certification from TEFL UK. I have 6+ years' experience teaching children of a...