🇬🇧 Ms. Samantha : 30+ 年教育經驗 ; 英語專題寫作家 🏆 P1 - P6 英語創意寫作課程

Student will learn how to 'Read like a Writer' and apply this knowledge to their own writing



What you'll learn

  • 訓練學生創意寫作 (creative writing) 的結構 (包括 : Story, Novel, Poem, Diary, Letter, fiction / non-fiction )

  • 如何豐富寫作idea,創意寫作簡單故事(4格漫畫)

  • 強化寫作創作思維

  • 循序漸進的詞彙文法練習

  • 英語完整句子作答技巧及結構

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Curriculum (GMT+1)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

【Samantha老師小組英語創作寫作詞彙文法課程】 😊

【課程類型】: 創意寫作
【老師】: Ms. Samantha
【每堂人數】: 大約 5 - 6 人,最多 7 人
【每堂時長】: 60 mins
【上課方法】: *課程會在 HeSheLearn 網站或 app 上教授*
【備註】: 每堂寫作堂後會發放功課

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  • Basic reading and writing skills


  • Children who are interested in Reading and Writing for Fun (Ages 6 -12)


A 'hands-on' practical course where we learn about creative writing techniques by looking at examples and having a go ourselves

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Student Feedback

Jayden CHAU (P5), Justin CHAU (P3)

Thank you Ms Samantha for teaching Jayden! You are really good at teaching kids writing, and you are so patient and kind, thanks a lot!

Owen Lau


Jayden CHAU (P5), Justin CHAU (P3)

Dear Ms Samantha, I am glad to have you as Jayden's teacher for teaching him the English creative writing. In fact, he is quite weak in English writing and therefore, I really hope that his writing skills can be improved through attending your class. It seems that he enjoys learning from you very much as your teaching is really interesting and lively. Thank you very much for teaching him.

Janelle and Jermaine

I miss you!!!


Thank you want you have done for Miko

Hendrix Ng

T.Samantha is very nice and patient,thank you!

Hendrix Ng

Teacher Samantha is a very good and nice teacher, my children is happy and relax to learn from T.Samantha!Many thanks

Victoria Chiu

She teaches very patiently, we can see her hard work and effort in teaching.

About the instructor

Samantha Robinson

I am an Oxford University Graduate of Modern Languages. I am from England (UK). I am a native speaker of English with a British accent and clear pronunciation. I also speak French, German, Welsh, and I am currently learning Arabic. I am fascinated by languages and how we can learn them better and more easily. I am a qualified TEFL / TESOL teacher...

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