Mr Jeremy : 法文初級會話及文法課程 (初學-A1 level)

With Jeremy

Class Dates: 2023-03-22 09:00 AM (Wed) - 2023-03-22 10:00 AM (Wed)


1 live classes (online)

What you'll learn

  • They will be able to express themselves with basic sentences and they will also have a solid foundation in French

Curriculum (GMT+8)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.


  • No knowledge of French required

  • Good English to facilitate communication


  • All the beginners (A1) in French

  • All the people curious about French

  • All the people that want to learn basic French to travel


Greeting and saying goodbye introducing yourself and others, Asking and answering people how you are, Talking about yourself and others, Counting in French, Sharing personal information such as your telephone and your email address, Spelling, Talking about countries and languages, Talking about hobbies, Arranging to meet someone, Talking about work, professions and working hours, Filling out a form

Vocabulary : Numbers, Countries and languages, The French alphabet, Hobbies, Days of the week, Jobs

Grammar : W questions, Declarative sentences, Verbs and personal pronouns, Irregular verbs and personal pronouns, Yes/No questions, Definite articles : Le,La, Les, Singular and plural nouns, Verbs Avoir et etre, Cultural aspects : formal and informal ways of addressing people.

About the instructor

Jeremy Ib

- French and English bilingual teaching - TEFL certified - Kindergarten teacher - 7 years of experience - Experience with kindergarten students (Pre nursery to K3) - Experience with primary school students (P1 to P5)