Ms. Lucy 🇬🇧 英文文學碩士畢業 🎓 9.8/10 🥰 超高評分教學老師 👩🏻‍🏫 P1 - P6 Creative Writing 英語課程

Learn English through story telling, word games and activities

Class Dates: 2024-02-03 05:00 PM (Sat) - 2024-04-06 06:00 PM (Sat)


8 live classes (online)
1 tests

What you'll learn

  • Create brilliant descriptions in English, improving conversational fluency

  • Tell a story in English, in writing and verbally, and speak with more confidence

  • Write a limerick and poem in English

  • Speak and write about important literary moments and figures from history

  • Write with greater flair and accuracy

Please choose the student level

Curriculum (GMT+1)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.


  • Students must be able to construct and communicate in basic sentences in English


  • Students of 6-14 years who want to give creative writing a go! The course offers something for all abilities. Course material is adapted to learners of different age groups.


On this course we will learn English by using our imaginations! Through creative writing exercises and games, we will create stories and poems, and increase fluency in English speaking and writing while having fun. We will also learn about important literature from across the centuries.

This course will build your child's confidence in English by giving them opportunities to think creatively and spontaneously. They will learn new vocabulary and sentence construction in a playful and engaging environment.

A bit about me, the teacher:
Hello, I'm Teacher Lucy - and I'm so pleased to offer this course in a topic I am passionate about. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, ten years of experience writing creatively and leading workshops, and three years of experience teaching English as a foreign language. I have been teaching courses for heshelearn since 2021, have met many wonderful students in that time, all with their own unique stories and writing styles.

Practical information:
Pricing: 130HK$ per lesson.
Package deal: 440HK$ for four lessons, or 880HK$ for eight lessons.

What to bring: a pen, a notebook, and your imagination!

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Student Reviews

Aidan Hung


Jarvis Chan and Charlotte chan

Thx so much ,teach my son daughter English

Henry, Keung Chiu Hang

Teacher Lucy is a nice and passionate teacher. I enjoyed the class very much😊

About the instructor

Ms. Lucy

Hello, I'm teacher Lucy. I have a Masters degree in Literature and Philosophy. I love to talk about books, art and film – do you? I have a 120 hour English teaching certificate, awarded by the University of Cambridge. I’ve taught English all over the world, in Germany, Sri Lanka and India. I love my current work as an online English te...