Ms. Nikki - P5-6 English Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Writing - EFL (Thurs) #25A

點樣先可以係閱讀理解拎高分?想寫作技巧有所提升?英語文法結構同概念搞唔清想要改善?例如咩係Active and Passive Voice? Conjunction 又係咩黎?Tenses 有咁多種 點運用先啱啊? 呢個課程為你每堂定一個課題,針對性學習。✅

Class Dates: 2023-10-19 05:00 PM (Thu) - 2023-11-23 06:00 PM (Thu)

HK$171 per lesson

What you'll learn

  • 提升閱讀理解技巧 + 拎高分

  • 提升寫作技巧

  • 搞清英語文法結構同概念

  • 獨自與老師英語溝通對話的環節

  • 增加詞彙量

Curriculum (GMT+2)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.


  • Able to communicate in basic English.


  • Primary school years 5&6



⭐️ 每期課程完結後,更會發送學生整體表現評語給家長作參考,令家長更加掌握小朋友的學習進度。
⭐️ 每堂完結後,均有notes / homework 重溫,等小朋友可以加深記憶,溫故知新。

Student Reviews


Hayden loves having Ms. Nikki’s lessons very much. Hayden joins Ms. Nikki’s lessons for nearly 6-years. The atmosphere of lessons are very good, the lessons are always happy and comfortable. Hayden becomes more confident in speaking English and loves talking with foreigners due to his confident. Ms Nikki teaches students with heart, such as she will prepare topics which students are interested in. We love Ms. Nikki very much.

Celine Tam

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide feedback on Nikki’s English teaching for Celine Tam. It’s our good fortune to have Nikki as Celine’s English teacher. She possesses all the attributes we expect in a good teacher. Nikki is knowledgeable, highly experienced, and very patient in her teaching approach. Nikki is organised and well-prepared for each lesson. She is passionate about teaching English and demonstrates excellent communication skills with Celine. Nikki consistently delivers high quality lesson and adjusts her teaching methods at appropriate times to cater for Celine’s level and learning style. This effectively raised Celine’s interest in learning and building her confidence in English learning. In addition, Nikki provides us with constructive feedback on Celine’s progress from time to time. Throughout the years, we have witnessed Celine’s gradual growth and improvements in various aspects of English, including phonics, speaking, reading and comprehension. She has successfully cultivated Celine’s enthusiasm for English learning, enabling her to confidently express her ideas. Celine now considers Nikki a true friend with whom she can share her happiness. Celine enjoys every lesson with her. Furthermore, we are impressed by Nikki’s responsiveness to our enquiries on English usage and her willingness to offer extra support on those enquiries. This further demonstrates Nikki’s dedication to ensuring the utmost effectiveness of Celine’s English learning journey. Nikki is the most ideal teacher that we have ever met in recent years. We shall definitely continue engaging Nikki as Celine’s teacher. Thank you once again.

Hendrix Ng

Nikki is a very good teacher and she is patient to the kids and having fun in the lesson.

Kumas Tang (p5)

Very good

Charles Ng


Aiden Cheng

million thanks again!

Hendrix Ng

Very nice teacher and well prepare every lesson, highly recommend T.Nikki

Peyton Chow

Peyton enjoys your class and she can learn well from the class.

About the instructor

Nikki Muller

🔥 我們平台最受歡迎老師之一 🔥 ✅擁有文學學士學位和教育高級文憑。 ✅有超過10年英語教授專業資格,150小時的TEFL證書 ✅10年來,老師一直在為兒童學生教授英語。 ✅老師的一對一課程經過精心計劃和準備,旨在為學生提供最佳的教育體驗和學習結果。 ✅老師目前正在網上教英語。老師很高興看到學生們嘗試新單詞和新語言,也喜歡看到他們在練習英語的過程中成長和進步。 I am a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Higher Diploma in Education. I also have a 150 hour TEFL certificate. I have been a teacher fo...

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