Ms Vanessa: P3-4 Grammar course Fri 6pm #1

🏆 請點擊 “我想了解更多” / " I want to know more" 與我們的職員聯絡了解上課時間表及報名試堂。🚀🚀

Class Dates: 2023-07-07 06:00 PM (Fri) - 2023-07-28 07:00 PM (Fri)


4 live classes (online)

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Types of Nouns

  • Learn the Parts of Speech

  • Learn New Vocabulary

  • Learn Sentence Structures

  • Learn Clauses

  • Learn English Grammar Tenses (Past, Present, Future)

  • Gain Confidence

Curriculum (GMT+1)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.


  • Reading, Writing, and Spelling.


  • For young learners age 4 - 12


上課前的準備 :
電腦 - 需使用Google Chrome browser 進行上課
IOS (Apple users) - 需前往Appstore download我們的app : HeSheLearn Classroom app
Android users / 小米 - 需使用Google Chrome browser 進行上課
課程簡介 :
1. 課程分為 P1-2,P3-4 以及 P5-6 三個班級
2. 課程將會以每期四堂進行以及收取學費
3. 按班級劃分班別,課程擁有升班及降班制度,以便調整各孩子們的英語會話拼音水平。
4. 每堂後都有功課及筆記,予學生重溫學過的內容
5. P1-P6 課程 : 每節課 60 分鐘,3-6 名學生一同進行課堂
Vanessa 老師擁有超過 7年 教學經驗,曾在香港擔任 playgroup 以及 英文拼音老師,其課堂互動有趣,並經常鼓勵小朋友發言、令學生愛上學習英文

About the instructor

Vanessa Abitria

- 6 years of tutoring experience - Former Playgroup and English Teacher in Hongkong - Summer Camp Teacher (Online and Offline) - Taught Jolly Phonics, Grammar, Reading, and Writing - Arts and Crafts

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