🇬🇧 Ms. Leah 英國小學前校長 : 運用英國當地英語創新教法教會話 !

Practise makes perfect! surrounding grammatical structures, vocabulary and english speaking with fun games



What you'll learn

  • 日常英語對答訓練(Speaking)

  • 教授純正英語口音

  • 教授詞匯(vocab)及英語文法(Grammar)

  • 英語討論環節

  • 面試訓練* (適用於升小一及中一)

  • PS : 每堂有小遊戲玩

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Curriculum (GMT+1)

The live classes would be conducted online! The teacher will do video conference with students in our online classroom. You only need either a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with webcam/mic to attend the lesson.

Ms. Leah (英國前校長) 的線上 Live 課程

【課程類型】: 會話、匯報討論、詞𢑥、文法、聆聽、發音、閲讀篇章
【老師】: Ms. Leah (英國前校長)
【小學試堂費用】: $100
【小學試堂後費用】: $400 (4堂收費)
【每堂人數】: 大約 4 - 5 人,最多 6 人
【每堂時長】: 60 mins
【上課方法】: *課程會在 HeSheLearn 網站或 app 上教授*
【備註】: 每堂課後 *有時* 會發放筆記 + 功課 + 影片素材

課堂專為 P1- P6 學生而設,每堂都會訓練學生對答技巧能力,組織英語短長句,透過 presentations / story-telling / 互問同學仔問題,訓練思維組織英語能力。另外,訓練學生詞𢑥、文法熟悉度,增強閲讀文章能力及掌握寫文章基本要素。

Some functions that will be covered will be

Conducting Interviews
Holding Debates
Making Complaints and apologies
Asking for information
Establishing routines
Giving Advice


  • 學生必須在香港讀小學1年級至6年級


  • K3 and Primary school years 1 - 6


This course equips students with the correct form, structure and usage of the English tenses, parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. Altogether these result in correct sentence structure, both statements or questions, in the positive and the negative.

I will be carefully monitoring and correcting pronunciation and encouraging conversation with myself, the teacher as well as with fellow students. Students will be exposed to structures, vocabulary and grammar through role plays, stories, discussions, games and exciting topics.

Some functions that will be covered will be

Conducting Interviews
Holding Debates
Making Complaints and apologies
Asking for information
Establishing routines
Giving Advice

Some Topics that will be covered

Class Newspaper
Star Signs

At the end of the course there will be a report sent showing work covered, students progress, and future focus.

This is the perfect course for the levels being targeted; Primary 1-6.

If at the end of the course students express an interest to continue, the course can be extended.

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Student Feedback

Audrey Leung / Ambrose Leung

My daughter enjoy the class so much and she don’t want to quit. Love you Ms. Leah!!! Thank you 🙏🏻 🥰

Aiden Cheng

Million thanks again !

Charlotte Tsang

Miss Leah was very encouraging and could guide my daughter in making her sentences and to expand her vocabularies in describing things. My daughter enjoyed her lesson.

Charlotte Tsang

The teacher is very encouraging for the students to try making sentences and to broaden their vocabulary in writing.

Katie Wong

Thanks Ms. Leah for your teaching. Katie enjoys your lessons very much and she also likes the story time which can encourage her to focus on the lesson.

Audrey Leung / Ambrose Leung

Hi, Miss Leah. We just settled down and still waiting for the WiFi, hope to see you soon. We miss you 😘You’re so great 👍🏻 ❤️💕💋

Hilton Ng

IThanks Miss Leah. Regarding the poor connection, i will change to use another laptop and use chorm instead currently App. Actually there have no connecting problem with other online class, sadly only happens with HeSheLearn. Much appreciated



About the instructor

Leah Luke

I have been working in education for over 15 years. I started as a Primary school teacher and then moved into TEFL teaching in summer camps and then continued into Course Director, later on as Recruitment Officer and then finally as a principal of a small residential Primary International school that focused on immersing students in an English boar...

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