🇬🇧 Ms. Sally - VOD 影片課程 (糾正英語常犯錯誤 )

Common Mistakes that students make and how to correct them.

Class Dates: 2021-10-26 06:00 PM (Tue) - 2021-11-16 06:45 PM (Tue)



What you'll learn

  • The student will be more confident in writing and speaking.

  • The student will be able to write short texts.

  • The student will increase their vocabulary and grammatical range.

  • The student will achive a higher level of acuracy.

Curriculum (GMT+1)


  • Students may have learnt some English at a first beginner level.


  • Students who are in Primary 3 - 6, Secondary 1-2

  • Students who wish to improve their spoken and written English.


This video course will help address some of the most common mistakes that students make when writing and speaking English.
No matter what the level or how many years the student has been learning English there are often mistakes that are repeated again and again.
Finding out that there are some basic rules to follow that will help address these mistakes will give the students confidence to take their English learning to the next level.
These videos can be watched again and again to really understand the lesson. There are always practice activities with the answers included which will motivate the student to have a go and learn as they go along.

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Student Feedback

Harry yip


Aiden Cheng

million thanks again🙏

Kinson Ma, Karin Ma (p6)

Thank you Miss Sally

Gordon Wat

Thank Ms Sally Jones very much. He learns English better than before.

Tommy Cheung

I learn many words from you,such as:unexpectedely,immediately…also some proud words,good sentenes…I enjoy your lesson and my writing are better than last! I always use many proud words as many as I can,I thank you teach me.I will contiue inprove my writing.If you said this part is not good,I will do better,thank you,Sally.

Kinson Ma, Karin Ma (p6)

Thank you , Ms Sally ! Karin also like to join this class . And she will interview in secondary school at this month end . I think she exercise more how to introduce herself . If have space , please help it ! Thanks first !

Kinson Ma, Karin Ma (p6)

Thank you for your help ! Ms Sally. I am delighted to hear that reviews of grammar for used to & used … to with Kinson . Because he said that don’t understand at last week revision of this topic . He will exam at next Tuesday !

Harry yip


About the instructor

Sally Jones

I have helped many students reach their goals and gain qualifications to study in the United Kingdom. I prepare lessons that are fun but also made with you in mind. If you need help with the IELTS exam or academic English I am the teacher for you.