Ms. Phoebe : Speaking for Young Stars - (K1 - K3)

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What you'll learn

  • Students will have a higher understanding of English and be able to converse in verbal and written speech. Their confidence levels will also increase making them comfortable to speak English without much struggle.

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  • Basic level of English in reading and understanding verbal speech.


  • Students from K1 to K3


In this course I will be focusing on improving your verbal speech, increasing your vocabulary, helping you to speak in full sentences, recognizing sight words, and forming sentences using these sight words.

We will also have reading time to keep you engaged and add variety to the lesson

You will participate in the free chat to practice your English skills. This gives me the opportunity to correct your grammar and pronunciation.

I like to start my lessons with a warm-up activity such as word games or Tic Tac Toa to break the ice and make you feel comfortable and ready to learn.

See you in class!

Everything that we do in my lesson is directed at learning and moving you ahead.

Themes as follows:
Lesson 1-2: Speaking with confidence
Lesson 3-4 : Position / Preposition / Reading
Lesson 5: Workbook activities - People at Work
Lesson 6 - 7: Asking questions / Word Recognition
Lesson 8: Workbook Activity
Lesson 9: What I have learned
Lesson 10: People at Work
Lesson 11: Work book Activity
Lesson 12: What I have learnt

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Student Reviews

Tham Tsz hin

I love miss phoebe so much.In fact , not only is teacher Phoebe my English teacher , but she is also my life teacher encouraging me not to give up my dream and boost my confidence of either English and myself, while i feel dejected and discouraged. Unlike some typical teachers who adopt chalk-and-board teaching without any conversation with students , miss phoebe encourages students to speak and she can explicitly point out some places needed to be correct via using rationale and simple language to let me understand how to correct my issues .So patient is she that she will mark down the corrected places and unveil the problems in precise while I have not notice that I get the issues again. Furthermore, her lessons not confined to English speaking that we will also exchange our own cultures and indeed broaden my horizons like some indigenous routine rituals and festivals.Moreover, she is so friendly and I would not feel stressed when participating in her lessons,which captivates students so much on learning English and dwindle my reluctant to learn English and I anticipate to engage in her lesson because I envision to share some fun facts and news with her , like what I did to my friends. On the other hand , I always under mammoth stress because of the public exam .miss phoebe rescues me from the blind alley everytime and teaches me not to judge myself , adding tremendous fuels to me and keep going . In summary , miss Phoebe is definitely the best English and study partner who relentlessly provides good emotional and mental supports and meanwhile she is talented and veteran in teaching English

Thomas Yeung

I think miss Phoebe class is wonderful and meaningful.Because when we start to have the lesson we will have a warming game it let me don’t feel so bored in the class and miss Phoebe lesson let me learn more writing skill.So I like miss Phoebe lesson.

(Eden) Carey Cheung

Thank you for your lesson. It is great time of learning English every Monday. I enjoy speak English. ^^

Vianna Chan & Thomas Chan(p6)

Thanks Phoebe. Vianna is very like to attend your class.

Vianna Chan & Thomas Chan(p6)

Thanks Phoebe. Vianna is very like to attend your class.

Vanni Yam


Sonia Leung

Teacher Phoebe is very friendly and creates a comfortable environment for me to improve my English. Each class is very structured and organised which helps me to progress!

About the instructor

Phoebe Govender

我是一名合資格的老師,已完成了 TEFL 120 小時的證書課程,任教了超過 1300位學生及上了超過 5400 課堂,擁有豐富的教學經驗 我在職埸上亦擁有豐富的工作經驗,因此亦擅於教導成人商業英語課程 我享受以及喜愛英語的各種冷知識,小測以及文字遊戲,因此經常將此融入至課堂當中,以提升小朋友學習英語的興趣 教學風格 我會先在課堂與學生聊天以及玩互動遊戲,以加深大家的認識 我的教學方式: - 高效用的TPR (total physical response) 教學法,以各種手勢及肢體語言,加深小朋友對新詞彙嘅印象 - 善用課堂時間與學生互動,加強學生在課堂上的參與度 - 擅於分辨個別學生的強項和弱項,再制訂最個人化的課程 - 使用支架式教學法 ( scaffolding...