🇬🇧 Ms. Sally 英國老師 : (P3 - S1) 英語綜合能力課程 (英語會話 + 寫作 + 閲讀理解)

Learn how to talk in English fluently and naturally



P3 - P6 classes :
每堂 : 45mins
每堂人數 : 1 - 3 人,最多 4 人

S1 classes :
每堂 : 60mins
每堂人數 : 1 - 3 人,最多 4 人

What you'll learn

  • The student will be more confident in having conversations and giving opinions.

  • The student will be able to write short texts.

  • The student will increase their vocabulary and grammatical range.

Curriculum (GMT)

There are no sections yet.


  • Students may have learnt some English at a first beginner level.


  • Students who are in Primary 3 - 6, Secondary 1-2

  • Student who wish to improve their spoken and written English and their understanding.


I have developed this course to help children improve their fluency in English.

Speaking skills: The group lessons have one to four students to get plenty of opportunities to speak and share their ideas on familiar and interesting topics. At the end of every class, we will practice conversations to help develop fluency.

Grammar skills: Grammar is incorporated in every lesson. Children will practice using grammar in natural conversation as well as in-class exercises.

Vocabulary and pronunciation: I have a neutral English accent and will correct any pronunciation errors. Every lesson we will learn a song based on the topic we are studying; this will help children to have fun in the class as well as improve vocabulary and pronunciation.

Writing skills: at the end of some of the lessons, children will write some short sentences or a paragraph to practice what we have learned in class. And more creative writing formats and styles will be covered as well.

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Student Reviews

Evelyn Tse

Thanks for all of the efforts made. I am happy to know Evelyn is making progress in expressing herself. Thanks.

Audrey Karlie Lai

Thank you Ms Jones for inspiring and encouraging Audrey to participate in the debate. Hope her can learn more speaking and debating skill in the coming lessons.

Wong Yin Chai Damien

Thank you so much Ms.Sally

Hugo Yeung

Thank you for your comment and your patient to Hugo

Jade Lee - p4 & Faye Lee

Hi Miss Sally, got it here. She will continues to study in your class. Jade will try to join group class on next Tuesday 1800-1845 and wait to see which she want to join ? I prefer she can join 1:1 private class with you

Harry yip


Duncan Wong


Kinson Ma, Karin Ma (p6)

Thank you Ms Sally!

About the instructor

Sally Jones

With over 15 years of experience in education, I am an expert tutor dedicated to unlocking the potential of Hong Kong students. Having worked in international schools in renowned academic centres such as Oxford and Cambridge, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a global perspective to my teaching. Whether it's in-person or online, I have successfully...

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